About Us

Aggie Surf Shop is a family surf shop run by the Lascelles family in the heart of St. Agnes, a small Cornish surfing and fishing village. Opened in 1982 by Peter ‘Chops’ Lascelles of Beachbeat Surfboards & Cord Surfboards. and his wife Mary Lascelles, it is one of the UK’s longest standing core surfshops, it is still run by Mary and her son Markie today.

What you get when shopping with us, whether in store or online, is not only a competitive price, but you get hand selected products by us, that have been put to the test by our core local group as well as ourselves; we only sell products we believe in.  Together, we have 60 years of experience in and around the surf industry. You also only deal with one of three staff, which means if you ever do have a problem or a return it can be dealt with quickly and easily.

If you are ever in the area, we have an amazing shop so you can come and check all the products out in and get all the advice one to one. If not, please contact us via email or phone - we are always happy to help. We also have our own surfboard manufacturing and shaping factory, including one of the UK’s only APS3000 CNC shaping machines where all our surfboards are custom cut, shaped and finished in the village.


We've been around the block..

Aggie Surf Shop is over 35 years old and we don’t have any intention to go away anytime soon. First and foremost we pride ourselves on providing wetsuits, surfboards and anything else that is surfing related to the highest quality possible. Our experience means that you can rely on us to find you a product that is that will suit your needs based on your ability and budget.

Aggie Surf Shop


We create, test and use what we sell

We are one of the only surfshops in the UK to own its own surfboard shaping machine. Not only does this mean that every surfboard we stock is locally hand crafted by our very own in-house shaping team, but also as a perk of the job, the Aggie Surf Shop staff, team riders and local rippers test every model in a variety of conditions to ensure that the boards perform in a variety of conditions as they should. 

Aggie Surf Shop Custom Shaping Surfboard Machine


We price match

The internet is here to stay, this means that competition in the surfing world has never been stronger. We realise this and have vowed to get stuck in ourselves. We know that you can spend hours searching for the cheapest product, you might even get it cheaper elsewhere! Therefore, if you can find any product cheaper elsewhere we match it on a like for like basis. Please support local surfshops. Send us an email with the product, a link to the webpage and we'll match it! 

Aggie Surf Shop Price match guarentee