Custom Surfboards

Surfing is our life. We are proud to say that we are perhaps the only surf shop in the UK that manufactures all the surfboards we sell, in our very own home town of St Agnes. Working closely with our umbrella surfboard manufacturing companies in Beachbeat and Cord Surfboards and headed up by our in-house shaper Marcus Lascelles, we are able to control the production process from start to finish ensuring you always have the best materials and shapes under your feet. Our boards are not only tested by some of the UK’s very best surfers from near and far, but also by our hardened locals, some of the most experienced watermen in the UK.

At our disposal is the APS3000 machine. This machine is great for so many aspects of the modern surfing world but the key points is that we can make subtle tweaks to fit individual needs and surfing styles; a custom surfboard that suits you. Whether its making millimetre tweaks in concaves and rockers, or adding more volume under the chest, we have the ability to design a board that fits your surfing style and needs. Not only are these machines amongst the best in the world, but this particular device has been calibrated by machine designer Miki Langenberg making it one the most accurate worldwide.  

Our custom surfboard order service allows you to choose the size, shape and volume or your surfboard. Whether you have an old board that you want replicated, or if you wanted a board from the rack to be slightly modified, we can get it spot on for you and you can check it in 3D. Once you have your magic stick we have it on file, we can redo it or tweak it time and time again to progress along with your surfing.

Please email us if you would like to talk about designing your own custom surfboard.