Beachbeat Surfboards - Fat Boy Flyer 6'10"

Model - Fat Boy Flyer 

Dimensions - 6'10" x 20 3/8" x 2 5/8"

Volume - 40 litres 

Fin System - Futures Thruster

Fins Included - Yes

The FBF is a very versatile mid range surfboard for anyone from beginners/intermediates to good level older/bigger surfers looking to avoid a longboard. It is a proven performance in board sizes ranging from 6’6” to 7’10”. Paddles like a mini mal yet it provides performance aspects of a shortboard. The low rocker and extra volume make the Fat Boy Flyer easy to paddle, catch waves and surf, it is still a best seller after 20 years.  

The tail and back third of the Fat Boy Flyer is shaped for performance with 4 channels between the fins, a hip narrowing the tail area and a swallow tail. These features allow the board to turn with ease, produce ample speed and flow and help progress your surfing much more than any mini mal could. While the tail helps with progression the forward two 3rds of the surfboard are designed to help with paddling and offer stability for learners and intermediate surfers. Perfect for anything from 2’ to 8’ A good board to custom order to your own size and ability.

Type: Surfboard

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